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OUR GOAL? To provide the best service and make your trip an extraordinary experience. OUR TEAM? Professional, enthusiastic, creative, and united in our love for the work we carry out towards successfully reaching our goal. OUR MOROCCO TOURS guarantee comfort, ideal accommodation, and tailored, well-planned choices of activities. We specialize in planning ‘tailor-made’ tours according to your brief of requests. OUR EXPERT DRIVERS have been carefully selected for their knowledge and experience, ensuring that your trip is both comfortable and informative. OUR OPTIONS offer varied choices from Imperial city tours, Sahara Desert tours, beach vacations, classic cultural sites, romantic ‘getaways’, organization for conferences, seminars, etc., hotel reservations, and airport transfers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Surveys regarding travel in Morocco, indicate that the following questions are those most frequently asked. Grand Morocco regularly updates reviews, the reason being, we take great pride in providing detailed and precise answers to all questions and therefore inspire complete confidence and trust in an adventure in Morocco. Our Morocco private tours and itineraries meander through Morocco’s breathtaking countryside at a relaxing pace, so as to capture the essence of the environment, the wonders of historic landmarks and esteemed UNESCO heritage sites.

Grand Morocco’s extremely experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated staff enthusiastically work with all modes of touring in Morocco. i.e. Desert tours, Imperial cities tours, Trekking, small and larger group tours, bespoke tours designed around specific requests, day excursions and more. All Grand Morocco’s Tours are Private Tours, i.e. there are no other travelers, only you or your group.

When is the best time to travel in Morocco ?

The optimum times for Morocco travel may depend on the acceptable climate for you. The ideal times for a Morocco trip are Spring, March, June and Autumn/ early Summer, September/early December. Avoid midsummer, July/ August unless you enjoy 40*C – 45*C daytime. Winter is cold in Morocco, however it is a wondrous travel time especially in and around the Alps. We advise a temp. in Morocco check online for current accuracy.

Travel during Ramadan certainly is possible but many iconic sites and some restaurants and cafes maybe closed, although at that time one would experience a cultural event during the Ramadan month.

Two busy periods are the Christian Easter period and Christmas holiday period.

What is the general weather pattern in Morocco ?

Heat and dehydration can be an issue in the hotter months. Morocco experiences extremes in terms of seasonal temperatures. The coastal ranges from 12*C to 25*C summer. The hotter inland range can reach 40*C to 45*C, occasionally hotter. Cold winter temp. would be down to 12*C with snow on the mountain ranges.

The wettest month is usually March and the windiest month usually June. Whatever the climate, one must always stay hydrated.

What is the scope of Morocco tours with Grand Morocco ?

Our Morocco tours provides a series of regular tours, tailor made tours, special events and exciting day excursions. Our itineraries embrace the wondrous country areas from the Atlantic coast to the grand Sahara Desert and all between.

Flexibility is important to Grand Morocco, so as to accommodate your travel dates and areas / sites you may wish to explore. Where relevant, Grand Morocco’s local city guides provide highly specialized city tours.

Is my driver also my guide ?

Our English speaking tour guides are also your driver for small group tours (4/5 people). For larger groups requiring a minivan or minibus, your guide is totally devoted to you and there will be a driver for that group who will work with your guide as a team. Your tour guide’s decision is final, on any issue which may affect the well-being and safety of the tour group.

Your guide will enlighten you of cultural history and customs of Morocco while en tour.

What type of vehicle transportation do you use ?

Grand Morocco’s usual modes of transportation are 4X4 Toyota Prados – air conditioned. For larger tour groups, a minivan or minibus will be provided with the additional driver.

Can I join a group tour of Morocco with you ?

Solo travel is always possible but becomes rather expensive and somewhat lonely for some.

Unfortunately, matching a solo traveler with an existing group or another solo traveler, is rarely recommended as it can create problems for the group or other solo person. Certainly please Contact us for any request for solo travel with Grand Morocco.

Should I take out travel insurance for my Morocco trip ?

With many tour companies in Morocco, it is advised to have complete and current Travel Insurance.

Grand Morocco’s Policy, is to STRONGLY recommend full and adequate Travel Insurance, with full Medical Cover.

It is solely the responsibility of the traveler, to ensure their own safety, in terms of full Travel Insurance Cover. Grand Morocco can not recommend any Travel Insurer, the responsibility is for the traveler to undertake Insurance.”

Do I need a visa to enter Morocco ?

If you hold a passport from the following countries, USA, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, NO VISA required. If in doubt, please contact your home country Embassy for advice.

Also, please be aware that it is not mandatory to provide official evidence of complete and current Covid 19 vaccination for entry into Morocco.

Where can I find a map of Morocco and more about travel in Morocco ?

There is a map of Morocco on our blog a complete guide to the map of Morocco and we recommend you obtain a copy of DK EYEWITNESS – MOROCCO. In this publication will be found many maps and wonderful sites of interest.

You will discover on the Grand Morocco website much interesting information about touring in Morocco, particularly relating to the listed set tours. Wikipedia also is a listed site to visit for Morocco travel sites of great interest.

Is Morocco a safe country in which to travel ?

The safety status of Morocco was updated to level 1 in 2019. Being a stable and safe country in North Africa according to data sources collated by Which Travel magazine.

Morocco is as safe as any world city/country in which to travel. Tourists should exercise the usual level of caution while in Morocco, especially in crowded areas. Petit theft is always evident in any world city.

Is tipping usual in Morocco ?

Morocco is very much a cash based economy. It is customary in Morocco to provide a tip for any service delivered. It is considered c. 10% the common tip. Certainly, a tip for your tour guide &/or driver is in order and is always greatly appreciated.

Should I exchange money before arriving in Morocco ?

YES. The Moroccan dirham is a closed currency i. e. it is ONLY of value in Morocco and cannot be traded nor purchased outside Morocco. In fact it is illegal to take Moroccan currency out of Morocco. Do not confuse the Moroccan dirham with the Arabic dirham. Currency exchange for USA dollars &/or Euros, is available at the major airports OR ask your guide. Travelers’ cheques are not recommended in Morocco.

ATMs are available in major cities, but always check with your home country bank re use of ATMs in Morocco.

USA dollars and Euros are readily accepted in Morocco.

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