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Morocco mesmerizes

From ancient Roman establishments and traditional markets to the raw desert wilderness, an enchanted world is revealed. Discover the crossroads of countless cultures, where civilizations have thrived for millennia, and the scope of their colourful culture continues to flourish. Morocco’s hidden treasures will unfold with an exciting tour, guided by Grand Morocco.

Morocco is a land of diverse people and landscapes. View our video to see the adventure that awaits !


Grand Morocco’s own collection of Private Morocco Tours, has been created to deliver for our clients, the ultimate, authentic tour packages, for a journey to uncover the secrets and mystique of our stunning Kingdom of Morocco.

Much experience of travel and guiding across the length and breadth of great Morocco, has culminated in the planning of our highly desired and spectacular itineraries.

As Private Morocco tours, our travel is exclusively for you or your group, with no other travelers. All Grand Morocco tours are Private Tours and will depart from the major cities i.e. Casablanca, Marrakech, Fes and Tangier, or can be accessible from where ever you are, if already visiting the antiquities of Morocco.

Grand Morocco has expertise in tailor-made inspiring tours, specifically designed for your requirements. Our team of guides/drivers are experienced, highly trained experts, are accomplished and knowledgeable of our Kingdom, as are the local guides, who conduct city guided tours.

Our Private tours will guide you to explore throughout Morocco, discover iconic attractions, marvel at the UNESCO Heritage sites, embrace the Imperial cities and have time-out for serene relaxation, if desired.

Grand Morocco’s Private tours can include a camel trek into the wondrous Sahara Desert for overnight camping, quad bike riding and much more. Several Day excursions from Marrakech, departing from your accommodation, are a ‘winner’ with many travelers. Whatever you wish to experience, Grand Morocco will ‘make it happen’ for you, for a hassle-free but all-inspiring trip of your life time, in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Tours from Casablanca

Morocco Tours from casablanca

Our Morocco tours from Casablanca will enlighten you, to realise the antiquity of the wondrous mix of cultures, age old architecture, historic monuments, idyllic landscapes and the iconic Sahara desert region. The alluring character and soul of the beautiful native Berber people shows through, all the way.

10 days tour from casablanca

Morocco Tours from Marrakech

Our Morocco tours from Marrakech will take you from an exciting, buzzing Imperial city to the most spectacular landscapes and marvelous traces of antiquity, in terms of mud brick structures, cultural life in the country areas and in Sahara Desert, with sand-sea trusty camel treks; all of which leads to a brilliant Morocco journey.

Tours from Fes

Morocco Tours from Fes

Our Morocco tours from wonderful Fes takes you from c. 789 AD to present times. A wealth of history, culture and architecture abound in this city. Our tours will encompass the majesty of Morocco, from massive Cedar forests, to the Sahara region and over the Atlas splendid mountain passes, amazing palm oases and so much more between.

Tours from Tangier

Morocco Tours from Tangier

Our Morocco tours from Tangier provide coastal trips of great interest and significance, before embarking on the wilderness of natural landscapes, ‘larger-than-life’ ancient cities and their environs. You will ‘go down the safari lane’ to discover the diverse regions of Morocco and the lifestyle of the fantastic Berber people, including the desert nomad folk.

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