Terms and Conditions of Traveling with Grand Morocco

Grand Morocco trips and tours are described on Grandmorocco.com and are operated by Grand Morocco LLC, the head office being in Casablanca, Morocco, in conjunction with Grand Morocco LLC, the second office in Sydney Australia.

The terms and conditions outline crucial tour information and define your contractual agreement with Grand Morocco. It is vital that you read and understand all topics described herein. If there are any questions regarding these terms & conditions, or you do not understand any part, please do not hesitate to raise your query with us.

In booking a tour with Grand Morocco, and paying the non-refundable deposit or full payment, you declare and certify that you have read, understood and consent to Grand Morocco’ Terms & Conditions. A contract exists between you and Grand Morocco, at the date Grand Morocco issues the confirmation invoice/receipt.

Grand Morocco clients are strongly recommended to have full, adequate, valid and current Travel Insurance which should include full medical cover. This is firmly advised for our clients’ own protection, wellbeing and safety.

When travelling with Grand Morocco, you are requested to please consider: Be flexible in case of varying circumstances ✦ Be able to accept different cultures, including local people and your travel companions ✦ Respect the local traditions, culture and way of life ✦ Be polite and respectful of your guide, driver, travel companions and anyone you may have contact with during the trip ✦ Avoid offending those around you ✦ Avoid illegal drugs.

1. Liability Exclusions :

Grand Morocco is not responsible for the acts and omissions of the service providers, while on your tour. Nor is Grand Morocco responsible for any loss/ damage / injury which may be incurred as a result of actions and omissions of others. You declare that you have not relied on any representation by staff members from Grand Morocco, or other providers, who have not been authorized by Grand Morocco, on its website or in the detailed itinerary for your confirmed tour.

Grand Morocco will not accept any responsibility or liability if you break the laws or regulations of Morocco, while on Grand Morocco tour.

Any arrangements you make independently, which are not inclusive of the tour, are entirely at your own risk and Grand Morocco cannot offer any representation or warranty in relation to any such independent arrangements.

Grand Morocco does not accept liability for any loss, damage, injury or death, regardless of the cause, which may have occurred during the tour.

To the fullest extent of the law, you agree to release Grand Morocco, its staff and representatives from all costs, liability, loss and damage incurred by you in connection with your tour, and waive any associated claims which you may consider against Grand Morocco or its representatives. For these purposes, Grand Morocco enters into its booking conditions as agent for its representatives.

2. Possible risk factors :

Standards of accommodation, safety, medical facilities, infrastructure and environmental conditions in Morocco may vary from that of your home country. If there is any doubt re suitability for your requirements, feel free to make a written enquiry to us. Unless Grand Morocco is notified, we cannot be held responsible for failure to satisfy you.

Every effort will be made to meet reasonable requests, but there can be no guarantee. Booking an ‘adventure Morocco tour’ with Grand Morocco, may involve inherent risks (travel to remote areas and deserts), which are not found in less active travel. All travel advice may be obtained from your home country relevant Government Department or the Moroccan Embassy in your country.

3. Tour costs, inclusions and validity :

The tour cost is based on prices and exchange rates, at the time of the quote being issued to you. Grand Morocco reserves the right to alter the scheduled tour, costs and/or other particulars, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond Grand Morocco’s control.

The tour cost includes activities, transport, accommodation, meals where stated in your itinerary and other items stated in your itinerary. Airport transfers are included only for members of your party travelling on same flights. If you arrive or depart on different flights, you are responsible for your transport costs and arrangements. Grand Morocco is not responsible for flight bookings and/or any expenses, loss or damage caused by the airline you use. Not included in your tour cost are, additional meals, drinks, some optional extra activities and excursions and laundry or personal items. Refer to the detailed itinerary for inclusions and exclusions.

Tour costs will be determined according to the chosen level of accommodation : Basic 3 star, Premium 4 star and Luxury.

4. Travel insurance :

As previously stated, comprehensive, full and current travel insurance is strongly recommended, when securing a tour booking with Grand Morocco. Personal travel insurance will ensure the client’s protection, security and welfare.

5. Tour costs and payment procedures :

Tour costs for the tour of choice, will be determined when an enquiry is made. A deposit of the tour cost is required before confirmation of a booking, for all Grand Morocco tours. The deposit is non-refundable but can be credited to the cost of an alternative tour cost, if available and is booked within 14 weeks of the original tour start date, less any additional costs incurred by Grand Morocco. An invoice / receipt and confirmation of the chosen tour will be issued, in writing, on payment of the deposit, which should be made through Paypal to Grand Morocco account at Paypal.com/paypalme/Grandmorocco. Please refer to the detailed itinerary notes for each listed tour, on the Grand Morocco website.

“The balance of the tour cost is payable before the start of the tour, upon arrival in Morocco, cash or credit card. (We accept payment by credit card, as a convenience for our customers. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, JCB Credit Cards.

Please note, that if final payment is not received, Grand Morocco reserves the right to cancel the tour arrangements and impose cancellation charges.

Grand Morocco reserves the right to change the cost, services or other particulars before confirmation of the booking, due to unforeseen circumstances at the time, beyond our control. Once confirmation of the tour is given, the cost of the tour will not be subject to further surcharges or increases.

Please provide full names, as shown in each passport, of all your travel companions and be sure of all Visa updated requirements are in order, for entry into Morocco.

Tour Guide Gratuity: It is customary in Morocco to consider a tip for the tour guide/driver at the conclusion of the tour, if the journey of adventure and hospitality have been satisfactory and up to one’s expectations.

6. Make a Booking :

To make an enquiry or booking, it is preferable to contact Grand Morocco by email at : Grandmorocco@gmail.com. We will forward you an email with a quote/invoice, outlining the total cost of your tour of choice, the tour start date, start city. It is recommended that clients refer to the tour of choice, for ‘Inclusions & Exclusions’ and the detailed itinerary for that particular tour on the GM website.

Contact Details :
Email: Grandmorocco@gmail.com
Phone on Moroccan line: +212 698 088 171.
Phone on Australian line: +61 02 990 983 50.

7. Amendments to your confirmed tour :

Any request for an amendment to a confirmed tour, must be given in writing. Grand Morocco will endeavor to fulfill requests to amend a confirmed tour booking but, understandably, that cannot always be guaranteed and usually difficult within 14 days of the commencement of your tour. If while in Morocco, you deviate from your Grand Morocco tour, all costs as a result of such conduct, are your responsibility. No refunds will be made for any unused booked accommodation, transport, sightseeing, meals, services or trip inclusions, not used. Likewise, there will be no refund if you depart the tour for any reason after the start of the tour.

If you have made an amendment to your original confirmed tour, you may be liable for some additional costs and an administrative charge. It is vital, if you change dates, to ensure visa, passport, travel insurance and flights remain valid. When Grand Morocco is unable to fulfill the requested change, you may proceed with the original tour OR cancel your tour and be subject to loss of deposit.

8. Cancellation by Grand Morocco “Force Majeure” :

If, for unforeseen circumstances beyond Grand Morocco control, it is forced to cancel a scheduled booked tour, or on Government travel advice, you will be immediately notified, as soon as possible before scheduled departure date and given the choice of taking the same tour within a period of 20 weeks from cancellation or accept a full refund less any costs incurred by Grand Morocco. Grand Morocco will not be liable for compensation or other costs incurred by you.

9there. Accommodation in Morocco :

Accommodation will be according to local standards and will vary according to what is available in Morocco at the time. Accommodation costs are based on levels of accommodation required, Basic 3 star, Premium 4 star and Luxury is available on request. Classic Riads and hotel bookings are dependent on availability and may be changed for reasons beyond our control. However, an alternative of similar standard will be arranged. If so, there would be no additional cost.

Rooms are booked and confirmed on payment of the required deposit. If you later decide to stay in other accommodation, we are happy to assist, but you will be responsible for all extra costs and there can be no refund for unused rooms, already booked.

10. Guides and drivers :

Please Note : that your guide/driver is unable (by law) to act as a guide in the cities. A local guide, licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, will be hired for all city walking tours. However, your guide/driver can accompany you in the countryside. Local camel guides are hired in the desert areas, as they know best, camel behavior and will take care of riders.

Wearing of seat belts is compulsory in Morocco. If found not adhering to the law, you may incur a fine. Grand Morocco reserves the right to change guide/driver at any time, for reasons beyond our control.

11. Health, fitness, trip grades and age limits :

No age limits for Grand Morocco Morocco tours. However, your health and fitness must be appropriate for the activities you plan to undertake.

Please notify us if you have any major health issues which may affect your tour activities. Grand Morocco will keep all personal information in strict confidence.

Grand Morocco reserves the right to caution or cancel your participation in a tour at any time during the tour and partial refund would be considered, if a medical condition or disability could affect you and/or the enjoyment of your tour companions.

12. Complaints :

Any complaints regarding your Grand Morocco tour, must be made known at the earliest opportunity to your guide and/or Grand Morocco, who will be able to take appropriate action. We undertake to deal with any complaint promptly and fairly. In the case of the accommodation issues, one must refer to the Riad/Hotel management. 

13. Authority of Grand Morocco guide/leader :

Any decision made by Grand Morocco guide/driver will be final, on all issues which may affect the well-being and safety of the tour group or your Morocco private tour. If you fail to comply with any request or the guide’s decision, or interfere with the well-being of your travel companions, Grand Morocco reserves the right to terminate your contract with them and remove you from the tour immediately, with no right of refund.

14. Special requests :

Special requirements and requests are important and therefore notification, in writing, of such is necessary at the time of booking a tour so arrangements can be made.

15. Publicity :

You give permission for Grand Morocco to use images of you taken during the tour, without recourse to you and without compensation to you, for publicity and promotion purposes only, through whichever medium it chooses.

16. Feedback :

Grand Morocco welcomes constructive feedback, so as to ensure continued excellence of Grand Morocco as a premier Tour Agency in Morocco.

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